About Us

“With global view leading up to the future”

Hami stone company is one of the biggest quarry and factory owner and exporter of” Pietra gray marble” in Iran with over 2 decades of experience and we have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction in extraction, processing, packing and of course delivery of Pietra grey marble with the best quality at very competitive prices.

Hami stone co; is specialized in the production and providence of Pietra gray marble in all shapes: blocks, slabs ,tiles and mosaic in, polished, unpolished, honed and brushed forms in different sizes and thickness from 10mm and more cm as quick as possible that have international standards.

All materials are available to supply to the highest qualities and any quantities for all over the world and it is ready to fulfill every kind of request and has acquired during the years a relevant position as a producer and supplier of large scale projects. 
Hami stone have been using the last method of machinery system of cutting and polishing.
The guidelines which make of Hami stone a company able to satisfy every kind of request and satisfy its customers are:


  • Quick servicing
  • competitive and professional price
  • the best quality
  • quick in delivery